1) General

The domain name www.propemperos.com (website) is owned by Prop Emperos Consulting, registered office at G-200 sector 63 Noida, Uttar Pradesh (PIN-201301). The working of this website and any of the Prop Emperos research and development reports are subject to the terms and conditions described here.

A)Prop Emperos Consulting is a Marketing and channel partners of reputed builders and developers across the nation. The company is managing this website to the marketing of the real estate projects including commercial and residential, which are offered by these builder's firms. All the visitors please feel free to search properties on this website. The use of this website by the viewer is fully administered by these terms & condition and policies. It is the sole discretion of the company that it can do any modification or amendment time to time on its website. User or visitors are agreeing to bind with these terms and condition once they visiting on the website or scrolling any of the information published over the website.

B) The company holds the sole rights to make any of changes in terms and condition without any notification or intimating to the visitors/customers and they clearly agreed with such changes immediately when it shall come into effect. Therefore all users have a liability to read and stay updated with our terms and condition regularly.

C) Users/Viewers/Customers cannot distribute or broadcast, modify, rewrite, reuse the content and material available or published on the website. Also for commercial or marketing motives, you cannot use any of content including text, image, video, audio, brochure etc. without Prop Emperos written communication.

2. Services

Prop Emperos Consulting is a professional real estate consultant offers a complete solution for real estate investment. Our all services are listed below:

A) Property Identification: We provide complete consultation and assistance to our clients/customers in their property search and suggest the best suitable option in our portfolio.

B) Service Support: Our sales representative and managers will help you with site visits, price & inventory negotiation, and after-sales services.

C) Financial & Administrative Support: Our dedicated professional helps the customers for the mortgage, loans, financial services, legal support, and CRM support.

D)Property Portfolio:We cater all type of properties under commercial and residential category. Our portfolio is filled with numerous properties in Delhi NCR which are well suited for low to upper-high income level group.

3. Copyright

Copyright indicated at the bottom on all pages of the website. All rights reserved by Prop Emperos. All content, graphics, article, and advertisement etc. are preserved under Indian Copyright act & international agreements; and it should not be copied without any written communication expressed by the company Prop Emperos Consulting. Copy of articles, graphics or any other content published on the website is strictly forbidden.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

Except for express in writing, users shall not have the right to use any logo, domain name, trademark, website trade name, company name, reports, features, software, technology, and other thing related to the website or published on the website. All trademarks, brand name, services, domains, website design, features etc. are developed by the company. Hence it is the assets of the company and the Prop Emperos shall be the sole proprietor of all the designs, graphics, and content related to the Website.

The users or visitors may not use any of intellectual property published over the website in any of case because it leads the confusion among present, existing and prospective users, viewers, and customers. If any of users found as a victim of a violation of the intellectual property of the website and company then the company may take legal actions against the user.

5. Predictions

Future prediction included in Prop Emperos' report shows the best judgment as of the date it prepared on. Few of the predictions are used in forecasting might be turn out to be wrong at some point. Also, it may be slight differences occurs between the predicted and actual results. The actual result can also vary from forecasted ones and Prop Emperos Consulting will not be liable for the same with respect to fulfillment of any predictions included in Prop Emperos' information or communications, whether indicated or specific. All the information, offers, and content available on the website are believed to be right and reliable when it was posted, but the company shall not guarantee and liable that the same is correct in present time or all the time.

6. Disclaimer

This website has created to provide information about the real estate projects offered by the reputed builders. Prop Emperos Consulting is the marketing partner of these real estate builders anddevelopers. By entering in this website, Visitor agrees that the details and information available on site including marketing collaterals, brochures etc. are wholly for information purposes; and the visitor may or may not rely on the details for making any booking or purchasing of the project's marketing by the company. Customers or viewers accordingly need to verify and check all the details including amenities, area, floor plan, specifications, terms of sales, payment plans and other relevant terms directly with the company, authorized vendor or representative.

This website makes every effort to provide you accurate and updated details. All the offers and schemes published or updated on the website are implied by builder and developer of the said project. However, we will not guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of the content published on the website. You should make your own examinations before making any legal, financial or real estate decisions. The company or its any of directors and employees etc. shall not be liable for any of the consequences or actions taken by the customers/viewers relying on the website content or any marketing activity, brochures or offers.

7. Suitable Jurisdiction

It is necessary to know that the product, services and other information available on the website is accessible for Indian residents. Therefore, the company or its website do not create any offer transact business in any jurisdiction other than India.

8. Privacy

The Privacy Policy explains how Prop Emperos gathers personal information from you and then keeps uses and discloses that data. Every user who is surfing the company website is abiding in terms & conditions or its privacy policy. Please carefully read the policy.

9. Third Party Links

This website may also include some outbound links of the third-party website. These links will take you away or jump to another website from this website. These links only inserted and use in the content to provide detail information about that specific project or article. These third-party websites or links may/may not be reviewed, tested, inspected or sponsored Prop Emperos Consulting. The company is not responsible for the information, products, and any other content available on third-party website links. Prop Emperos have all the right and reserves and sole discretion to add, drop or dismiss the links without warning from this website.

10. User Responsibilities

User or visitors and anybody who are accessing this website abide by following obligations.

A) To comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

B) Users should not introduce anything into this website, or any network or material supporting this site, any virus, worm, malicious coding, Trojan horse or other harmful services.

C) Users do not have the rights to try to impede or obstruct the website.

D) Do not try to obtain inappropriate access in the website or network connected and affiliated with this site.

E) If any of the above misconduct done by the users it may cause the breach of the obligation and user will not be allowed to access the website at his network. Besides it, the company can take legal action against the user.

11. No Personal Guidance

This website is offering you the basic information and understanding of residential and commercial properties listed on the website. It is not personally guiding you and forcing you to make an investment, and users should not be relied upon in this regard. No information on this website is advice you to make purchase and sale of any property. You should not rely upon the information published on the website without making prior research or consultation with your real estate advisor.

12. Dispute Perseverance

Any dispute with this site will be governed by the laws. Users agree to submit a dispute or conflict related to this site in accordance with and subject to the Indian Arbitration Association. An arbitrator will be assigned to sort out the case by the Indian Arbitration Association. The company Prop Emperos Consulting and users are bound and agrees to admit the justice of the arbitrator as the final decision and present the statement to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the State Uttar Pradesh or the federal courts located in the State of Uttar Pradesh for the implementation of such resolution.

13. Special Offers and Promotion

All offers, promotions, features, specification, highlights of any product or services published on the website can be changed or cancel anytime without intimating the users or prior notice.

14. Use of Ideas

Prop Emperos Consulting does not request to accept any product, marketing, advertising that are not incorporated by Indian Patents. If a user sent any data, stuff or other content to or by the Site by E-mail or otherwise, comprising but not restricted to any data, observations, ideas etc. all such data, stuff, and content will be reviewed as non-confidential and restrictive. Any information you transmit or post the website may or may not be practiced by Prop Emperos or its subsidiaries for any objective. Furthermore, Prop Emperos or its associates and representatives are available to use, without any benefit to the user.

15. Ownership of Content and Materials on the Website

All information, stuff, content, material etc. published and displayed on the website are the property of Prop Emperos. The use of information, material and other content from outside is strictly prohibited. A user should contact that third party directly to use the extent information is available from a third party. Any illegal and unauthorized use of the text, images, audio, video, and other visible content on the website may infringe copyright & trademark laws, laws of privacy, publicity and civil and unlawful ordinances.

16. Vis Major

Any act or circumstance which is beyond our control is identified as a Vis Major. Prop Emperos and its subsidiaries or its data providers will not be responsible or assumed to be faulty for any setback or failure in execution or suspension of the delivery. In such a situation, Prop Emperos is not responsible for any failure to deliver or delay in completion of our responsibilities or commitments under our terms. The company will practice its fair attempts to settle a Force Majeure or Vis Major event or ascertain a solution by which its responsibilities beneath the general terms or any relevant agreement among us may be accomplished notwithstanding the Vis Major event.

17. Non-Waiver

No delay or cancellation on the part of Prop Emperos in a compelling execution by the third party of its duties will act as a waiver of any claim.

18. Notices

Notices to Prop Emperos Consulting should be submitted in the paper document and sent to Prop Emperos latest address of the business and that updated in the contact us section.

19. Severability

If any clause of these terms and conditions is believed to be void, unlawful or unenforceable via any court or administration of qualified authority, the efficacy, right, and enforceability of the left conditions of these terms shall not be harmed or broken through, and any such stipulation of certain T&C shall be true and enforceable to the fullest degree sanctioned by law. In these cases, terms will be amended to the least degree of required to improve any inconsistency, illegality or unenforceability, while protecting to the greatest degree of the primary rights, purposes and business expectations of the bodies as exposed herein.

20. Governing Law or law of Limitations

All these terms and condition are administered and interpreted in accordance with Uttar Pradesh law. Any plan of action of the user with regard to these Terms should be recorded within 6 months just after the cause has occurred, otherwise, all such case and causes will be suspended or treated as null and void.

21. Agreement to Terms & Conditions/Disclaimer

By employing this website or any of Prop Emperos' statements and reports, you do agree on these Terms & Conditions of Use / Disclaimer as declared herein.